Demo vs live

hi guys

was just wondering is demo and live account same in every way except the money part, which with demo is fictitious. or with live there are some hidden pitfalls ?

I pretty sure they are exactly the same except the money part and the delay, with the demo being more out of sync.

The live account will feel different.

You will realize how fearful or greedy you are.

And that will be an experience.

Actually, not all demo platforms are the same as their real money equivalents. In some cases the executions don’t happen quite the same. This is VERY important to know. Most demo platforms are 100% automated. Some live platforms have human intervention, requotes, etc.

Also, in many cases the demo platform has a limited lifespan (like 30 days).

As was noted before, actually trading the live platform is very different than trading the demo because you actually have your own money at risk. It really does make a huge difference in your mental state.

i would say your emotions are different

When your hard-earned money is at stake everything changes, you do things that are irrational from a third party’s point of view.
In few words emotions kick in.

but doesn’t it also depends how much is at stake, if would be say $10 , u would be worried abt it at all, and how much u can lose and still be fine . but wat i realy wanted to know was, in demo u get the platform and strategies, how that change or they are the same just now u are more scared or emotionally evolved :confused: . bcoz wat if the brokers use their software to make ppl make money easily and when u really but the money in, it is a different ball game :o

The biggest difference I found relates to news trading. It isnt as easy to get your orders filled at volatile times when you are trading live :frowning:

There are some great brokers that are awesome for news traders. MBtrading is one