DEO in the room, Naija Holla

Hi to everyone, both Newbies and Experienced. ONE Love from Naija


Yes boss… Fellow naijamate…
How’s the pip fishing going bruh?

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Hey I know I must find my country mate here. Welcome to the success land bro.

welcome to the most prestigious success school ever also representing Naija all the way sha :crazy_face::grin:do yourself a whole lot of good by going through the school of pipsology ok. i’m awaiting your success story soon may the pips be with you

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Thanks Bro. I am through with my schooling. But you never stop learning. Reading through for second time now.

Gradually bro… Just more Practices with discipline

My people :grinning:

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Welcome deo_pips! I also read the School twice and I still visit it whenever I need to. :slight_smile:

Best of luck and see you around!

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Regular knowledge is indispensable

Welcome and best of luck.