Deposity money any broker in trading

Let’s say I have savings account on bank…so to to deposity money into forex broker guys I need to register for credit card?

Hi, It depends on where you live.

You could use Neteller in some brokers, It’s a digital wallet. So, I dont need to transfer all your saving to the broker, only the amount you want to trade.

Also, Visa doenst allow to use some credit/debit cards with the intent to trade forex, it is their policy.

The best way would be a direct tranfer from your account to the broker…



But sir all the brokers there ask for credity/Debit card digit

Be very careful because if you fund an account using a credit or debit card and then in the future you want to withdraw funds. They will only credit funds back to that original credit or debit card.

If in the meantime you cancel that card or change financial institutions they will deny you request for withdrawn funds on the grounds that it constitutes money laundering.

Most reputable brokers will allow you to transfer funds using an Electronic Funds Transfer or as it’s known in the USA a Bankwire.




Some brokers will let you deposit and withdraw with BTC

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thank you guyz , I find a new broker which allow me to deposit from my savings account

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Each broker usually offers a number of payment options (bank transfers, credit cards and electronic systems) so you can choose the one with the most suitable terms.


You can find payment options of brokers here Top Forex Brokers | FX Brokers - MakeMoneyOnline ©


It all depends on the broker’s conditions and where you live. But it seems to me that bank cards are one of the most popular options, but as far as I know the most popular are visa/mastercards.

I would strongly recommend not to use credit cards to finance one’s trading.

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hello Khethani,
With some of the brokers where I opened an account, you are prompted to verify your card when making a deposit using a card, but not when making a deposit using another method. You just fund your account and start trading. easy peasy. :)))

Hey there, it totally depends on the broker your using whether it required KYC or no. Most of them actually do require card verification.

yes i faced that before but that was fine with me.

interesting. thanks

Maybe some brokers offer this facility. For detail, you can Google and ask on forum.

Many brokers on the market offer credit card so if you want, you can open an account with them.

Thanks for sharing the picture. I also want a credit card from a broker but can’t be determining which one to go for.

Yes, you can do this with credit card because almost all brokers allow it. So, don’t worry.

Yes, I saw some brokers offer the facility of withdrawing payments in cryptocurrency.

Many brokers allow depositing in credit card so you can deposit. Don’t worry. You can also use some dual currency cards if you have.