Desk Rental In A Trading Arcade?


Does anyone know of trading arcades that offer a simple desk rental option where you rent/lease a desk simply for the use of their infrastructure and to be in a social trading environment.
In particular I am looking for this on the Gold Coast of Queensland Australia as it is somewhat of a small equity/forex trading hub.
I have been learning to trade Forex by myself for 13months and feel that the trading environment that an arcade offers is a possible next step to improve my trading ability and knowledge. I am not sure if there are
any informal trading groups that have acquired office space and do a similar thing as that would be something great to become a part of also.

Any information on this topic would be greatly appreciated.

thanks for reading

Hi Hedgedtrade, [Poor refferal to your name…;-)]

I don’t know any near you, but I have seen a couple where I live. My experience was that I didn’t very much enjoy the social aspect of it. The traders (Equity) were in their only little worlds (Big headsets on their head) or very much on the edge and aggresive (trades not going in the right direction). I thought about it myself and therefor took the opportunity to visit when I had the change, but it changed my mind. I found the second best more pleasant. I have some traders on my messenger and there is always someone in the mood for a chat and good advice. It filters their frustrations because they are not very communicative when they are not happy, so much more a relaxed environment. I also found that being with more traders in a room could influence my trading because you may want to follow them when you feel unsure yourself. This would not be benificial to following my system.

I’d like to advice you to build up a social network via Internet to interact with during trading. There are more than enough lonesome traders who’d love to have somebody to chat to…:slight_smile: You can add me if you like. It will also keep your money in your pocket with regards to rent…:slight_smile:

Hi ide

Thanks for the reply. Apologies for the delay. Moved from Indonesia back to oz since I posted.

It seems they are few on the ground when compared to somewhere like London (moreso the informal setups in London…a few guys getting together in an office space.

Yes, an online group would be beneficial also. Was in one when I first started out but will perhaps look for a new one. Thank you for your view on what is was like in a professional group trading office. Sounds a bit of a cold environment in that instance.

What style do you trade and what are your preferred pairs?

Thanks again