Developing a Trading system

We speak to many traders and some of them being at professional and intermediate level.However, only a few have all the components of a trading system and do it in a systematic manner.

The main components you need for a trading system are:

  1. Trading strategy rule sheet (or crib sheet)
    • Includes money management system
  2. Consistent Execution
  3. Stats review
    • Optimization upon review of your stats

And the process before you go live with any trading system is:

  1. Backtest your trading system for a minimum of 100 trades
  2. Forward test it with a demo account
  3. Forward test it with a small live account
  4. Forward test it with a bigger live account (and scale it up with investors money)

Well,this is what we have been doing before we execute any system live in the market.

Welcome any comments and posts on the above.:))

Have a great day trading.

Master The Markets