Did i find a holy grail? :))

Hi guys, im noob in forex and was experimenting on simple things, from the begining in december till about 23-24 i bough like 15 pairs of different currencies not knowing will they go up or down just random pairs, my demo account have like 200.000$ and i bought very little lots like 10.000, so all the currencies i bought some went up some went down, but today i closed all of them except 1 on range of +30 +60 pips gains, so 14 wining trades, and some of them were -200 -260pips downs BUT I STILL WAITED AND WAITED and eventualy got profit :smiley: u know the saying what comes down allways come up, so tell me how come that possible that all my pairs that i bought end up wining? and i bet the last pair of mine will win aswell.
Thank You for ur comments.

Hi there! Welcome to the exciting world of trading :slight_smile:

If I am understanding your post correctly, you bought lots randomly on various pairs and managed to profit from most of your trades by simply holding them until they were in profit. It doesn’t sound like you used a stoploss. This method could work in times of ranging price (it goes up and down within a set area), but you would lose your shirt in a trending market. In other words, what goes up…does not have to come down…for a very very long time. It could be years in some cases. I would recommend reading up on the babypips school section, especially the part about setting a stoploss. You may lose more trades by having a stoploss, but if you cut your losers short and let your winners run as long as possible - you won’t bankrupt yourself! Trust me, the method that you stumbled upon will not work in the long run…but don’t take my word for it, just keep demoing it and you will see. All these comments are meant kindly from a person who’s been there done that…

Thank You very much for ur answer :slight_smile: yes i smelled something fishy but u explained me everything :wink: Thank You for ur response !

Hi Kuzia,

Although Ramah21 has explained it all very clearly, I’d like to share a similar experience I had on my “real” account. I’m new to FX also. I’ve been watching the market since August myself. This summer I started right away with a real account just after giving it a try on demo. I used to believe that the market fluctuates and whatever direction I open a trade, it will come back to where it started without any loss as long as I keep the volume as low as 0,1 for each $1,000 in my account. But then I noticed that it was unnecessary to keep $1,000 for a 0.1 lot. I started with $ 500 and the lot was 0.2. My winnings went almost doubled. The only tool I knew to use was Fibonacci retracements, but nothing else. I still don’t know how I achieved to make 800 pips in 9 days. 500 bucks became 2000 in 9 days (By the way I withdrew 1000 bucks in total). One day I took the wrong direction and the parity went against me. I waited for 4 days for the breakeven. Finally it got back home. Thus my disbelief in SL grew even bigger. The next trade I opened betrayed me. I lost $ 1300 in one day and I questioned my creed. Finally I came to realize that my demons were just treating me fine for a short term. I also lost the $ 700 that was left. Now I am studying the Babypips and trying strategies on demo account for two months. I guess I will go on demo for a couple of months more. Wish I practiced it more before starting the real account.

Randomly buying currency pairs and waiting…sounds like the holy grail :wink:

A friend of mine used to trade in a similar way, he made a couple of thousand $ but I was always telling him to learn to trade and that he would bust his account one day… And as I said, that day came when he bought EUR/USD in the end of august 2011. Which means that he bought right on the top and price hasn’t looked up since. :slight_smile:

I know a lady that had GM stock…GM STOCK! the saying used to be “as goes GM, so does the United States”

In other words, biggest car company ever at one time, when the U.S. ruled the auto industry.

Anyway, she had 7 million in GM stock.

She lost every penny when they filed bankruptcy.

Sucks to be her.

And think about it…not saying your euro longs would default…probably not. but, the one time they do… you lose everything

In other words, you have to be right 100% of the time, eventually, forever. a single loss in anything wipes you out.

I’m not a god, doubt you are either, therefore, best play with stops.


I’ve done something similar. A basket of trades across multiple pairs. Trends wont matter because when one is trending one way another one may be trending another way. The idea is that the cumulative position will fluctuate around a zero point sometimes being postive and sometimes negative. Then close all trades even the loosing ones when the cumulative position is positive. This type of stastical trading was working but my trade sizes were very small and I wasn’t making much. Also you have to watch out for correlated pairs…

ok, fair enough Talon. But that’s not just opening a bunch of trades at random…that would take some sophistication to create, in effect, a “delta neutral” configuration…so, your essentially net flat the “market”… while arb’ing some pairs that move out of line in relation to the value of others.

Hardly just “open and wait” lol :slight_smile:


no holy grail there my friend :slight_smile: and don’t cling to it too much. I don’t know how to explain it but having many pairs at the same time can put you close to zero, maybe win a little or loose a little. but just like what a lot of traders have shared, its easy to win in one trade but the hard part is maintaining a series of winning trades, and that takes a lot of knowledge, and its in babypips school :slight_smile: I enjoyed reading this thread, thanks to all that shared :slight_smile: all the best

yeah, it’s not just random. You have to think about it some. :slight_smile: But I’m off in other more promising directions now.

i wish the holy grail was just get in ‘when ever’ and hold.