Did The Crypto Market Crash Today?

The crypto market went down today, with prices falling and market capitalization dropping to its lowest in a month. One of the reasons mentioned is the “Sell in May and Go Away” strategy, where investors sell assets in May and buy back later.

It’s my first time to hear about this strategy. It appears to originate from traditional finance and relates to seasonal effects. Has anyone else heard or know about this strategy?

That’s an interesting strategy. :sweat_smile: Hahaha. If they sell in May, when do they buy again? :thinking:

Investors should sell in May and wait until October to buy again. :grin:

Follow the Weekly T/F charts for price movement direction using 8 -22-44 MA (which is taken from Ichimoku) today you will be seeing a downward price movement from the daily chart that will be taken up by the Weekly. This should be followed each month until there is a significant price rise to follow.

It seems people misunderstand the word ¨crash¨. I’d be skeptical of any news source that calls this a crash.