Did the Facebook outage affect any financial market?

Hellooo. :blush: It’s been all over my Tiktok and Twitter accounts, but people have been talking about the Facebook outage. The other apps like IG and Whatsapp were down too. :thinking: Has this affected you in any way? And I was just curious, apart from the stocks, did it affect any other financial market? :open_mouth: For those trading the news, did this have any impact on your trades? :thinking:

No really unless you count their stock value being down across the board

Prob just affected their own stock. Didn’t see any other effect though. Maybe DTC company sales?

Facebook’s stocks dropped by about 5.5 percent, and CEO Mark Zuckerberg lost nearly $7 billion.

I wanna know what I’m the HELL did Facebook do to these markets. Facebook being down basically messed up everything. Ever since the 3rd the New York session and London and New York CROSS Is all discombobulated and all messed up. My question is I WANNA KNO WHEN THE HELL THINGS ARE GONNA GO BACK TO NORMSL. It’s not because of the Mercury retrograde because during the last to retrogrades of this year the forex markets were fine and normsl. This is all FACEBBOK. Everything is just f’d up. I wanna know after Facebook being down WHEN IS THE NEW YORK LONDON CROSS SESSION GONNA GO BACK TO HOW IT WAS???

Stock traders suffer the most due to the outage.