DId you also get crushed by CPI release yesterday?

Or were you one of the few ones who actually got it right and made $$$? Seeing social media posts yesterday and today and so many people either lost a lot of money or blew their accounts lol. Thankfully I didn’t join the mayhem!

Very wise.

It’s the commonest reason for people to lose accounts.

People who just don’t understand that their stop loss might not work, at “news time”!

It’s impossible to enter prior to the news release. So I don’t jump in before news being released.

I had 1 lot buy on GBP/ USD :wink:

Woah that’s great. It was not an easy catch. Only a big guy can survive that.

I am no big guy for sure, I just think that may be I have been focusing on news trading from the time I started trading, I felt it most probably will result this way as there were 3 CPI’s came out negative for USD. but obviously it could have been opposite its risky!!