Did you Know? EUR/USD is going up


03/18/10 at 12:20 pm (ET or NYT)
EUR/USD is going up to 1.36526 for a next few of hours. (3-Elliott wave is developping at 1 minute chart )
03/18/10 at 14:15 pm (ET or NYT)
S&P 500 is going up to 1165.9


What’s the Forex Market?
The Forex Market or Simple the FXmarket is the foreign exchange market. It’s the most traded finacial market in the world.
It’s closed on Friday at 4.30pm (ET or NYT) and opened at 4pm(ET or NYT) on Sunday. It Active 24 hours a day.
Average daily currency trading volumes are more than $2 trillion a day. It’s about 10 to 15 times the size of daily trading volume on all world’s stock markets combined.

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How do you find out that it will goes up to 1.36526?

Counting Elliott wave. It’s developping 3-wave, its daily pivote, and the resitance is at that point.