Difference API crude stock and EIA crude inventories


i do not think that i am very stupid, but i cannot find a difference in the definition of API Crude inventories and EIA weekly crude stock in the definitions-can anybody explain to me, what is the differnce?
Crude API

One is speaking of just storage vs one that’s being used during business operations. With higher demand for oil in a commercial setting you’d expect bullish prices.

The first just speaks on its reserve and how much supply you’re holding. The 2nd is dealing with a supply/demand chain since it’s an actual product being bought/sold for commercial usages and purposes.

The latter or the 2nd would be important for you to look at as a trader vs the 1st one if you’re trying to differentiate.


Hi @Kashmaster

The information here might help:

EIA vs. API: What's the Difference?

Thanks, now everything is definitly clear.

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