Difference between Hosting MT4 in a VPS and in a common PC

Hi there,

would like to find out if i need to open a few MT4 for EA, what do i really need? i read from the internet that some of them uses VPS to host the MT4. But cant we use our home PC to do the same, just install a remote desktop to take control of ur home PC when u r outside.

What i am talking about is to open around 10 MT4 platform using a home PC… thanks

anybody knows? thanks

Trading with a VPS has 2 advantages in my opinion: first, power failures and network disruptions should be fairly rare (if the datacenter is well managed), and second, the Internet link is generally faster than the one you can have at home.

Beyond that there is not much, if as you say you can connect remotely and reliably to your home PC I don’t think you’ll gain much in using a VPS.

Over here in Cyprus we have lots of power cuts and lose the internet from time to time, just started this in earnist 2 weeks a go on demo accounts. I realy would worry if any EA was running on a live account so signed up for a WS1 system at SWVPS dot COM. This runs MT4 ok, infact I think I could run 6 instances or more. Managed to lock myself out today by enabling the firewall without the right exceptions. Customer service was good, rectifying the problem within 20 mins. Ping time to Alpari was 1ms so good connection too.

I’m running 3 EAs on VPS (MT4) and trade at home from MT4 installed on my laptop using the same account and works great. After many issues with my desktop (lost connection, power, cat opening trades by walking on the keyboard :mad: , kids etc…) is much cheaper for me to run all my EAs on VPS and don’t worry about all these things. I’m using VPSland and for about $25 per month (1000MB RAM) is well worth it :slight_smile:
Good luck!

Running MT4 on a Forex VPS or MT4 VPS has several significant benefits, including 24/7 access to the internet and power supply, 24/7 access to professional customer support, and access to your MT4 accounts anytime, anywhere.

What could happen when running MT4 without a Forex VPS?

Possibility 1: Computer failure, Internet failure & electricity outage

Possibility 2: Computer wear and tear

Possibility 3: Electricity cost increment

There are many benefits to subscribe to a Forex VPS.

Benefit 1: Trade Anytime, Anywhere

Benefit 2: Power Security and Internet Uptime

Benefit 3: Worry-Free Trading

Benefit 4: Low Latency with Fast Execution Speed

That’s a really old thread to dig up :slight_smile:
I would say it mostly depends on the EA you want to run.

  • If EA sets the TakeProfit / StopLoss as orders on the broker side, you can get away with PC as risk is handled by SL
  • If EA manages exits and trades are left on the broker side without any safety measures - well you need a hell of a reliable hardware there - VPS and not a cheap one
  • For longer timeframes (H4 - D1) it is possible to even address the PC issues manually, so risk is somehow lower to blow your account. Even if you are on holidays and your setup crash - you may miss few opportunities but nothing more :slight_smile:

For longer timeframes with SL/TP I do not see significant value added from having a VPS. For short term scalping and “no Stop Loss” EAs - it may be a great money saver.

As with any investment, always ask “what is the value added?” instead “what is generally better?” - Whiskey is better than water, but if you are lost on the desert for few days, water has extremely higher value added :slight_smile: