Difference in trading demo and live

Is there any difference when trading in a demo account vs trading in a live account?

If I use it to make knowledge, I have to use the demo platform but if I use it to make money, I have to do live trading. However, it is not that knowledge cannot be acquired in live trading. However, developing skills in live trading can be risky.

Remember when you had driving lessons. Use the demo account to “pass your test”, and don’t start your practical until you have done the theory test (Baby Pips School of Pipsology.
You can even continue the demo account into advanced driving skills, by testing your strategy and trading plan, backtest, forward test, until you are sure your plan will result in a positive outcome (no accidents that will put you in hospital). Then trade like you drive at 70mph on the motorway.

A lot of differences between those accounts. One is meant for practice and the other one is meant for earning.

A demo account is the best option to learn forex properly.

Demo account for practicing