Different Prices @ Different Brokers?

It seems as though IG Markets today has a closing price for the EUR/USD at 1.4134/1.4138. Meanwhile at FXCM, it is 1.4156/1.4159.

Since these prices are so different, how do signals/live trading rooms and in general someone who is helping you trade matter when there is already such a huge 20 pip difference between these 2 brokers?

Someone help me understand this one…:slight_smile:

Thank you.

It probably is not that different when the market is open.

Ah, interesting… how much of a difference do you think would be normal during trading hours? Thanks.

Depends on the activity level and the order flow of the broker. I can remember my former broker’s prices would regularly be more than 5 pips compared to one of the big brokers (FXCM?) during active trading and then within 2 pips during quiet times. I don’t remember ever seeing more than 8 pips.