Difficult week?

Hi everyone,

Just would like to know how your week went, because it was a bit difficult for me to understand the forex market.


What do you mean it was difficult for you to understand the FX market? I took just over a week out of the markets but should finish thi week breaking even resuming trading Tuesday night.
Have you had a bad week trading and lost money?.

Let`s say my analysis were pretty poor. Nothing really went as I though. I had very nice last couple of months, but this week was a real disaster.

We all have bad days, weeks, bad month, and it can seem like your world is coming crashing around your ears, one don’t beat yourself up, two slow down a lot of traders will get on a winning streak think they found the holy grail, usually leads to over trading, increasing position sizes, simply getting greedy.
The problem when it happens you see your account disappearing in front of your eyes.
Take a breather go back to what was working for you, reduce your stake size, remember the 1/2% rule start building back up slowly, set yourself some goals either written or mentally.
Remember by the inch it’s a cinch by yard it’s hard.


Impressive. I’ll remember that.

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It was a pretty decent week, though some of the trades flipped down. But hopefully, the upcoming weeks will be better than this.

I looked into the statistics and found no significant problems during this period. But the market was a bit boring and I found slightly less positions than I had planned. But I don’t see anything terrible about it.

Every week is a new challenge and victory.
But still, I would like to advise you to focus on your personal results.

Last week was pretty decent. I placed trades in EUR/USD and BTC, they all worked pretty well for me. But I feel that I could have done better with them and earned more profits.

I don’t do forex, I only do indices but I’ve noticed that it has been a funny week !
Sometimes when things don’t pan out you start to question your judgement, however, we must remember that we are playing a probabilities game. In these sort of situations sit tight and weather the storm with caution, be careful not to force trades, because this can lead to over trading and desire to be proven right. It can become an ego thing. If you are happy with your system, which you appear to be, then just rein in a bit and don’t panic, I would concur with Xocai02E on this.

Its okay to have bad trades, you cannot always be in profit. I would suggest you to change your current strategy if the bad trades are prominent. What strategy are you following currently?

Every day in the forex market comes with a challenge of its own.

My passing week was absolutely amazing. My trades in EURUSD, USDCAD went surprisingly well.

@Raymond_rex So you are one of those lucky ones who enjoyed especially last “good thursday”… Me I missed that day opportunities due to my broker “technical issues”.

I think it would really help if you also add in like charts or maybe some more details about the trades that went wrong, just so others have more context when they provide you advice. :slight_smile: Just my two pips!

You’re absolutel right. I’m sure that no matter what was your day/week/month, in case it was bad then you have to make conslusions from it and try so hard in order to improve the quality of your work. In case we speak of trading activity and you face bad times and watching your deposit is dumping then you immediately have to ceaze this activity and relax couple of days from trading. Just full distraction. Then you have to come back on demo and start analyzing what was worng with your strategy, maybe mood. Traders always have to take a day-off and then analyze all their steps. By these plan, they’ll reach everything.

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