Dinapoli MACD

I am fairly new but I have never heard of this indicator till today. Been looking online for info about it but I haven’t found out that much about it. My trading platform metatrader doesn’t even offer this indicator. Anyway, just wondering if anyone uses this (or any of the dinapoli indicators) as a tool/what they think about it?

You can find in in MT4 in Templates menu.

The best place to learn how to use all the various DiNapoli indicators and methods is to buy his book ‘Trading with DiNapoli Levels’ by Joe DiNapoli. It’s well worth purchasing.

Trading platforms that have the DiNapoli indicators include GFT’s Dealbook, Trade Navigator and CGQ.

If you are at all interested in fibonacci levels then Joe has some great information on how to best use them.

I also really like the way that Joe uses the Detrended Oscillator as a way to figure out the exhaustion points in big moves.

You can find more information and other free stuff on the Coast Investment Software website.

You can see how I have used the detrended oscillator and fib nodes in my trading when I posted about these indicators on my forex blog.

have any of you ever checked out the fibmaster.com ? he used to work with joe dinapoli. i have learned so much from the fibmasters seminars–and they are very inexpensive too!