Direction of a graph

When a graph of a pair, for example eur/usd pair goes up, what does it mean? The Eur is gaining strength against USD, or vice vesa?

It’s called a chart here…and your looking at the exchange rate.

1 Euro / ? Dollar so if

Price is at let’s say 1.00000 then you get 1 dollar for 1 Euro

But if price is at 0.50000 1 Euro will get you 50 cents.

I’m sure you can work out the rest…
If not Google how to work out exchange rates…!!!


I would highly recommend doing ‘babypips school of pipsology’ it would clear a lot of questions you have now and will have down the line. And it’s all free.

But yes, you are right. If EUR/USD went down, then it means, EUR losing value against Dollar.

Thank you. Much appreciatef

Thank you. Much appreciated