Directory of PAMM / MAM Account Providers for US Clients?

Does anyone know where you can go to find PAMM or MAM account providers that operate through a Forex Broker that accepts US Clients? There’s very little information out there. I just confirmed with OANDA that they don’t offer them, but I think that means they don’t offer ones they manage themselves as they provide Managers access to PAMM accounts I think but where do I find and evaluate possible Managers offering PAMM / MAM? seems to be the only other US Broker and they said they offer MAM and referred me to Gain Capital.

Do these Forex Brokers typically have exclusive relationships with just one Managed account provider or a very limited number, or are there many out there that work through US Brokers?

Not sure about PAMM/MAM availability in the US, but the only regulated brokers are the following:

  2. IG US
  3. Oanda
  4. TDAdmeritrade/ThinkorSwim
  5. Interactive Brokers - don’t think they’re taking retail clients

You’ve at least cut your list down a bit.