Hi all. I am trading a mt4 Alpari demo account, and virtually every time there is a newsevent I get disconnected a few seconds after things start to move. then the connection gets back on after a few minutes, when it´s all over. Does this happend on a real account too with Alpari? Maybe this apparent blockage is a practice with all brokers? How is one suppose to trade the news? Or is the very reason, that you should NOT be able to trade the news, in that case why?

You may want to read this. It’s one explanation. Market Makers Vs. Electronic Communications Networks

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I’m always happy to help. Can you send us a few more details at <[email protected]> – the server you see this on and your account number?


Alexander Chadwick
Alpari (UK) Representative

I’ve had orders get filled late (aka slippage) during a news event, but I’ve never been disconnected. If you’re using a demo account, you shouldn’t have any issues at all.

It’s highly possible that what is going on is during a news event is order flows coming into your computer at a faster pace them what your mt4 can process. The framework for MT4 is being overloaded and turning off having to restart. If you have an older computer or a slow computer this very well could be the case.

Disconnection annoys me a lot ,when I am ready for trade. It can be due to many reasons as poor network connection or slow services from broker. As we are going to trade we ant instant executions of our orders to get our preferred results.

I’ve never disconnected unless it was a problem with my service provdier. I’ve always uses different brokers and can say the same with them all.

Preferably under an assumed name and using someone else’s money. :wink:

Since you ask … (or should I say “since you asked in 2014, before the thread was unaccountably brought back from the dead earlier today”?) …