Discovered new, profitable trading system that consistently

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Hello all I am very happy because the new found trade system with consistent profits. My system does not offer 100% profit

but just bigger gains than losses.
Example: 20 trades
13-7 = 6 profit

makes sense does not it?

The system I work as a trend or sideways, without indicators and unconditionally. be made ​​within large or small. and that you simply do is draw a straight line and observe the volume of data

sounds perfect does not it? but you need time to master, depending on your skill. because I gave you the hook and no fish.

I have menulisny in ebook form, and because of limitations in my English. ebook only in my country only. If you are interested you can translate yourself. because I was busy and did not have time.
I’ve translated through google translation, it’s just that the picture is lost and so difficult to understand.

PM me if interested …