DJ's Price Action Journal - Lets see where this goes

I think this is going to be a good place to record all these different trades. They are all based on price action using some different concepts. I will measure the results in R, where R is the risk of the trade. If my stop is place 100 points and the trade closes 200 points in my favour then I will have won 2R. This means that whilst I hope to win multiples of R in each trade, it means that I should only lose 1 R if the worst happens.

So starting off with a couple of trades I placed yesterday which were:

Bought WTI @8622.8
Stop was 8400
R is 222.8

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The next trade was:

Bought EURUSD at 10555 with a stop at 10490

And a third trade was this morning:

Bought CHF/JPY at 168100 with the stop at 166000.

That will probably be me for this week.

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Sounds good. What TF are you trading?

What challenges are you looking to overcome?

I am a swing trader using both 1H and 1D. The aim of this is to create a good record and to help me focus on exactly what I need to do more of and what I need cut out.

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I know I am a bit behind doing my updates. I am planning on writing this every time I trade but a bit behind. I will close these three and then do an update on what has been happening.

Exit WTI at 8772.3 (on 20/10) for 149pts profit = 0.67R

Exit EURUSD at 10634.3 on 24/10 for 79.3 profit = 1.22 R

Running total 2 trades for 1.89R

Exit CHFJPY at 16600 on 27/10 for -217 profit = -1R

Running total 3 trades for 0.89R

I have also placed and closed a few trades that I have not been recorded properly but will note them down anyway:

24/10 Dax Sold 14837.9 Stop 15050 31/10 Buy 7.9 profit = 0.04R
25/10 EURUSD Buy 10574.4 Stop 10490 31/10 Sold 20.3 profit = 0.24R
26/10 TBond Buy 10886 Stop 10650 3/11 Sold 456 profit = 1.93R

Running total 6 trades for 3.1R

That is October’s trades I will update November soon.

6/11 Heating Oil Buy 296.49 Stop 282 7/11 Sold 282 -14.49 profit = -1R
6/11 Bund Buy 13001 Stop 12920 9/11 Sold 13010 9 profit = 0.11R
8/11 GBPAUD Buy 19065.7 Stop 18870 15/11 Sold 19120 54.3 profit = 0.28
9/11 DXY Buy 10534 Stop 10450 14/11 Sold 10450 -84 profit = -1R
13/11 TBond Buy 11305 Stop 11105 15/11 Sold 11450 145 profit = 0.73R

Running total 11 trades for 2.21R

Bought WTI at 7763 with a stop at 7430

Bought GBPAUD at 19103 with a stop at 18970

Is this journal just for recording your trades? Or is there some discussion you’re looking for?

I don’t think you’ve given anything that’s worth discussing. This is the equivalent of your trading history. There’s nothing to talk about. No strategy, no trading psychology challenges, nothing.

Am I wrong? I don’t get it. Sorry.