DMA brokers

I want to trade with a broker which gives direct access to market.Many brokers insist on their realibility,that they are STP or ECN. But it often happens so,that it’s only words… I wanna know if there really exist brokers which provide their clients with DMA? I appreciate your experience and advice.


The ones that are regulated and say that they are ECN or DMA are true ECN or DMA. You should only be trading with those ones anyway.

It is really difficult to know that which broker give direct access to market.

Depends on which market you mean. There’s many different market centres, being banks, ECNs, LP aggregations, etc.

There are a few brokers who offer a raw feed from their LP’s, and charge a commission. That’s about as “DMA” as you’ll get on the retail level.

Thank you for your replies. May be you can tell me on what things I must pay attention while choosing DMA broker? What makes a broker to be DMA broker?

IG Markets ( up to 3K )

MIG Bank

Why do you think that these are DMA brokers? Give your arguments, please