Do any of you have a forex blog?

I am planning to start blogging on forex trading. However, if you want to read blogs there are so many good ones on the internet. You can access them just with a single click.


I have some forex blogs, If you are interested to read them, contact me on this forum.


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I tried to create one in reddit, but I am not sure that I have enough experience to share my opinion to the others. I think now we have too many “expert bloggers”, that start to teach others just after a few days of practice.

Yes I feel the same, we should only start when we have in depth knowledge to share. HI5.

I dont blog as it is way too easy to jot down my thoughts on tradingview as I am using it for my forex analysis.
If you are keen to take a look at my postings you can do so here at Trader Shadowing_The_Big_Boys — Trading Ideas & Charts — TradingView

Thank you!

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Thanks. It will be interesting


Not really but you can read Quora (Alister-A Quant & Analyst - that’s me) I have access to institutional hedge fund tech, screeners, wealth management, and although it won’t help you directly you can take some of the concepts and port it to your approach, such as using the correct return percentage per year for your trading level/capital.

All the fun reads left a long time ago like Gartman, and forums are full of everyone faking it to make it, you really don’t get to interact with anyone any more as on Quora you don’t get any comments even with over 200,000 views, I wrote a lot of content the past months to see the interaction level, basically zero and view count has gone down 10x, you will find the same everywhere, meaning lots of forum owners being protagonists to generate traffic and everyone sending you down a path which only works for them.


yes i have blog about financial markets but I cant post link you can search

I always wanted to try making but I never got the time to do so, plus the dedication you need to have for that is astounding. Already I am dedicating my time to trading, so I doubt I will have time for making the blog. But I do love reading someone’s blog on forex trading and understanding their journey. It is such a fun to read that.

i have started a blog about my works related to forex.

i have an audio on my substack.

i also have posted a brief review on trustpilot.

After a recent health issue, I have decided that I want to see what I am really capable of when it comes to trading. In theory, the amount of money you can make from trading is, to all intents and purposes, unlimited.

I think I understand this game better than most but am I just deluding myself?

There’s only one way I can be sure - put my theories to the test and try to make insane amounts of money!

I wonder how much I can make over the next year or two if I really put my mind to it?

I’m guessing a lot, maybe even more than I have ever seen in my life up till this point.

You can follow my first small account challenge right here on Babypips.

I started a couple of weeks ago and, as you will see from myfxbook I have so far managed to triple my account. The aim is to 50x my initial deposit of $250, turning it into around $12,500.

I will then withdraw $10,000 and try to 20x the remaining $2,500, turning it into $50,000.

If that works, I’ll then go for the Big One:

$10,000 to $1,000,000.

After that, assuming I get that far, I’m going to aim for a real moonshot . . .

You can follow the journey here on Babypips, over at Myfxbook and on social media.

I am in the process of creating accounts on Twitter and Instagram (both @danlondonfx).

I will be tweeting pithy insights, funny one liners and occasional updates perhaps.

My Insta will document the visual side of my journey: screenshots of funded accounts challenges, cash outs and that sort of thing.

Please note: I don’t sell courses or provide signals. This is simply about documenting my journey.

JAN 2007 someone asked this question here and April 2023, I am still looking for my strategy :))

Actually I am not used to reading rather I watch videos and trade accordingly on demo account.

Actually, I am active on some social media group where people share their ideas, signals and other factors. And it works for me. I don’t read any blogs actually.

Hello, I don’t have a forex blog but there is a source of free information that is generously given by Etienne Crete, from Montreal. He has all kinds of topics. All you have to do is search through UTUBE with a specific subject. For example there is this one about FEAR OF FAILURE. It is simple to understand and right to the point. I appreciate him!



Hey there!

Well I started this project of letting out my trading journal with small account and see how it goes.

If you want to check it out all links are on my profile!

I believe this could be a good way to improve.

We had everything, platform, mentoring, trading, funds, wealth management, strategy, analysis, arbitrage, even trade loss recovery (oddly it’s easier than making new profits), one of the architects/fund managers wrote over 2million words of content as a library and millions of views, financial books published, we were even going to launch an institution as everything is in place.

But …

When you understand how life works there comes a point when you just say enough, the algos (they do the work of 100s analysts) produce spectacular returns like +70% on Boeing last year.

The entire fabric of society today is to discount value by 250x, meaning if you have something worth $1mil (like an arb system I use), anyone you talk to will value it at $4k, from 100 books of unique content educating 10,000s people, they gained virtually nothing from it.

Meaning anyone writing with many followers probably has nothing of value or is behind the curve, for example I knew in 2013 GBPUSD was scheduled to hit parity, it hit 1.04 in the target time window, because I saw the analysis by that same fund manager, it was a full 3yrs later until Mohamed El-Erian in 2016 came out with the same analysis, who gets quoted in Bloomberg and CNBC, not our fund manager but fortunately they don’t care.

I could explain everything about everything but in the end it’s just not worth my time, I’m only floating around these public forums to make sure there is at least one person who is ‘telling it how it is’ and not some fanciful dream, truth is you have 92% probability of loss 92% of the time with 8% being breakeven and 0.64% where you make real profits.

The other fact is to make large profits investing it’s necessary these days to place a lot of smaller trades, however in doing so you expose yourself to ‘market liquidation’ events, this costs money to gain that “insight” which subscriptions could never cover, any blog or public post without some underlying way to recoup costs will leave any readers capital exposed, and even though I have this offset I rarely post trades publicly (the ones I did were spectacularly profitable like Tesla timelapsed video for 1.5% return in capital in 40minutes) simply because everyone just ignores them, strange but true!!!

So we just run family office instead with everything.

we here brother we got you cover

What does it mean? Are you trying to say that I can’t be benefited by others blogs?

i am considering hosting a zoom meeting. It allows me to cast the android screen(metatrader) , and it costs a whopping $15.99 per month on the monthly plan.

my unpaid free account allows max one hour meetings, with a nine minute wait between new hosted meetings.

the paid account allows me to host meetings up to 30 hours long.

i think this sounds like a good way to run a trading group.