Do any of you have a forex blog?

After a recent health issue, I have decided that I want to see what I am really capable of when it comes to trading. In theory, the amount of money you can make from trading is, to all intents and purposes, unlimited.

I think I understand this game better than most but am I just deluding myself?

There’s only one way I can be sure - put my theories to the test and try to make insane amounts of money!

I wonder how much I can make over the next year or two if I really put my mind to it?

I’m guessing a lot, maybe even more than I have ever seen in my life up till this point.

You can follow my first small account challenge right here on Babypips.

I started a couple of weeks ago and, as you will see from myfxbook I have so far managed to triple my account. The aim is to 50x my initial deposit of $250, turning it into around $12,500.

I will then withdraw $10,000 and try to 20x the remaining $2,500, turning it into $50,000.

If that works, I’ll then go for the Big One:

$10,000 to $1,000,000.

After that, assuming I get that far, I’m going to aim for a real moonshot . . .

You can follow the journey here on Babypips, over at Myfxbook and on social media.

I am in the process of creating accounts on Twitter and Instagram (both @danlondonfx).

I will be tweeting pithy insights, funny one liners and occasional updates perhaps.

My Insta will document the visual side of my journey: screenshots of funded accounts challenges, cash outs and that sort of thing.

Please note: I don’t sell courses or provide signals. This is simply about documenting my journey.

JAN 2007 someone asked this question here and April 2023, I am still looking for my strategy :))

Actually I am not used to reading rather I watch videos and trade accordingly on demo account.

Actually, I am active on some social media group where people share their ideas, signals and other factors. And it works for me. I don’t read any blogs actually.

Hello, I don’t have a forex blog but there is a source of free information that is generously given by Etienne Crete, from Montreal. He has all kinds of topics. All you have to do is search through UTUBE with a specific subject. For example there is this one about FEAR OF FAILURE. It is simple to understand and right to the point. I appreciate him!



Hey there!

Well I started this project of letting out my trading journal with small account and see how it goes.

If you want to check it out all links are on my profile!

I believe this could be a good way to improve.

we here brother we got you cover

What does it mean? Are you trying to say that I can’t be benefited by others blogs?

No But I am seriously considering starting one on my website.

Hello everyone, I’m an engineer who previously dabbled in developing MT4 copy trading systems, but I’ve always been a novice in terms of investment strategies. Recently, I’ve started learning to write trading strategies and have also documented the entire development process. I hope that by sharing these experiences, I can assist those in need. Moreover, through sharing strategies, I’m looking forward to learning and engaging with more experienced experts.

I’m just getting started at the moment, and I’ll gradually share the strategies I develop in the future. If anyone notices any issues, I warmly welcome direct guidance. Thank you all for your support.


When I first started learning in forex trading, I created a personal blog. It’s just that and it’s been a while, and now it’s no longer updated and has been deleted. If I’m not mistaken, around 2007-2008. And also for personal journals in offline notes. Actually, blogs are very important for the development of our learning and also sharing experiences. Even if you are busy, you don’t have time to create a forex blog.

57 replies, look forward to the evaluation of them all! Except of course all the “page not found” and the phishing links… I would stick with Baby and for now, you will find the good ones.

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I have no blog yet but getting some experience and knowledge I am thinking of transforming it to others in the future in the shape of a blog.

whoa @coastalfx, you made my day! thanks for this wonderful post.

Why do everyone feel the need to have a blog? I do my trades, occationally I comment here, but why bore and confuse people with a pointless blog? And let’s be honest, most blogs are pointless.

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Hey, actually no,
but I share my tips and questions on social media, especially on Twitter. I don’t do long texts.

@Jordan.B…tbh, I think that’s the right approach! People nowadays don’t have much time to consume long texts. They just need short summary of everything to get the idea of the whole narrative!!

I agree with you, not everyone needs a blog. While some find value in sharing insight or experiences, many blogs can indeed become repetitive.