Do Any One Know

Do anyone Know about the broker This broker is there since a long time, frank and truthful. But no mention anywhere. Why

i know marketiva i dont know why it has not been mentioned here though but i think northfinance is the best

No idea about Marketiva, but be careful with Northfinance. I was thinking about going live with them. However, they are based in Cyprus… controlled by a Russian corporation… and are not regulated whatsoever.

I’m using marketiva , they provide good service. They have good online support, I love this feature. And they always process my withdrawal fast (I use e-gold and always got my money less then 10 hours), So I think they are truthful. As I know, they are broker only who provide funds investment program.

yes,i am using marketiva too, i think i can say it’s a perfect platform that i ever seen. just read the below message you will know how great of marketiva.

With more than 300,000 serviced users, 170,000 unique and live trading accounts, and more than 2.8 million live orders executed each month, Marketiva is one of the most popular over-the-counter market makers in the world

i still remembered when i just join marketiva there are just 140,000 verviced users but now just less than one year time that number has been more than doubled. it’s a really great achievement. all those achievements are come from him provide us a excellent perfect services :slight_smile:

The more I read these posts praising Marketiva the more suspicious I get. Look at posts of the people saying how great Marketiva is. They only have a few posts on this forum and all of them are about marketiva and how good it is. I’m not saying they are a scam, just that you should consider this before joining: the fake posts on here from people praising Marketiva, the fact that marketiva accepts e-gold and webmoney and no other reputable broker does, and the fact that they are located offshore and not registered with the NFA.

Here’s a website that I found on google which is how I found babypips. They have education reviews, broker reviews, software reviews. Here is the website Forex Broker Reviews

I am currently looking for a good broker to open an account with. Thanks for all those who posted their experience with their brokers.

just read below message,why marketiva can get so great achievement? those depend on marketive’s excellent services and advanced technology.

With more than 310,000 serviced users, 180,000 unique and live trading accounts, and more than 2.8 million live orders executed each month, Marketiva is one of the most popular over-the-counter market makers in the world.

as i know when i just used marketiva there are just 140.000 serviced users,but now those number has more than doubled but those just took one year time. i believe all the clients are clever, they know wich forex company are the best and the most trustfully.

i don’t know why you don’t have a try to get yourself’s judgement. you can free open an account and got $5 reward. i think if you tried you will get same choose just like all of marketiva’s users as you are clever enough too i think.

hehe, that’s good site, thank you share this …

If you are looking for a good broker, I think marketiva is worth to trying (that’s broker I’m using)… You can open account with free and they will reward you $5 real money and $10000 virtual. No matter you love them or not, you don’t need deposit 1 cents to try live trading (that’s why I recommend you try). And you can easy get help from marketiva support if you meet any problem. good luck…