Do brokers know you're using an EA

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Hmmmm, doesn’t answer the question.

Do brokers know you’re using an EA

There were multiple “yes” answers.
So yes, brokers know. Because many brokers offer, for instane, MetaTrader, which has a lot of EA’s installed.

They might not see, which specificly you are using, but they offer them so…
that should answer the question.

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Why not get the answer from the horse’s mouth? The question was about broker practices. A broker actually answered, but not correctly. Care to try again for the readers?

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The use of an EA is independent to the client and does not actively monitor EA usage. However, any EAs used would have to adhere to the regulatory polices of that region. In addition, EAs typically contain a unique signature which is visible in the client history. If you have any additional questions or require additional details on this, you can always reach out to our support team by phone (1-877-367-3946), live chat, or email Hope that helps!

Thanks for the detailed answer!

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Sounds like a yes. Maybe not actively, but they know.

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