Do brokers know you're using an EA

I think All broker wouldn’t know wether you are using EA or not. But some EA use hedging algorithm, and the intensity is very high, that is how broker AI logic determined wether you are using robot or not.

They know you use EA! even what kind of EA you’re using. However, there are brokers who will not care about your EA and only exclude those on their blacklist

Brokers do know you use an EA and do not care at all . Some EAs win, some loose. No different to manual traders

I think they know even more than they need to and really see whether you are working on your own or using some algorithm. But in fact, if the company rules don’t prohibit it, you can use it in your work without any restrictions.

And what does it matter?
If you work with a normal brokerage company, you can act as you like and get the desired result.
This is the most important thing…

Some EAs even have a stealth mode. Although I cannot comment on its effectiveness.

Brokers don’t care, they earn from spreads and commissions.

I also think that this is open information, because many companies have quite strict rules on how to use passive systems, which means that they have tools to track these processes.
Although I don’t know how right this is in terms of financial security.

Brokers do know which all clients are using Expert advisors and also what kind of EA. Brokers are mainly concerned about their commissions and do not bother much about Expert Advisors.

Would brokers treat your account differently if they know you’re using an EA? :open_mouth:

Whether you use an EA or not the broker is not concerned with it

Yes, they do. They will have all the information about the EA you are using.

In what ways can a broker use this information to their advantage? I feel this can answer the question if they should concern themselves with the information.

Interesting discussion

Yes, a broker is well aware of how many EA’s you are using and i believe it doesn’t change anything on their end. Correct me if anyone here had a different experience.

not true. it doesn’t change anything on their end as long as you keep losing money.
Once our EA generates constant profit, they will do something of course.
And once so many people use the same EA on a single broker, it may significantly increase the spreads and profitability of your EA.

Oh yes a broker’s server will know whether or not you’re using an EA. If your broker is credible, then there’s nothing to worry about. All you have to do is ensure your broker is ECN regulated.

Yes, definitely they do see that you place trades with an EA. However all MT4, MT5 brokers have access to restrict your trades when using EA

On other forum there was a similar thread and guy claiming he’s a FX broker employee confirmed, that broker can discover EA trades only by their unusual (unhuman) characteristics.
So I would treat every response in this thread as more or less an opinion until we have any tangible documentation (fact) at hand.

Why not ask a broker directly. I think GAIN has somebody here in the forums. Let me see., any comments?

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