Do EA's really stop working? or Am I just listening to forum trolls?

I’ve been researching a number of EAs with the goal of setting up a portfolio of different programs running on seperate accounts and one thing I keep coming across, even on the eas with good live results via myfxbook, are the naysayers who comment “the markets have changed so it doesnt work anymore” followed by a horde of people saying they have disconnected their copy and want to try and resell it.

Admittedly some of these EAs have taken a drawdown or been flat for a couple of months, but is really a “Market change so this EA that used to be wonderful now sucks?”. I’ll buy a couple of months of Euro zone volatility/poor liquidity months but I cant imagine the market is really fundamentally that different now than it was 6 months ago.

So if I’m leaning towards answering my own question…Am I just giving impatient short sighted forum trolls to much credit?


The really profitalbe EA’s will not be shared anywhere. Not their signals and not their strategies. What you can see everywhere at the web is EAs which are curve fitted and then, yes, they have a very high probablity to fail in the future.

Maybe there is one or two EAs out there which are better, but those you won’t find by looking at myfxbook and the first rankings. The first ranking EAs mean the risk is too high, hence the return is also higher. Albei onley for a limited time til they fail.

I can quite easily imagine how a mathematical curve fitted model would work to build an EA that is promoted based on backtesting alone, but is this as much of a factor for those few that are showing live results?

With the EAs that most people use are the ones that have high take-profits and high Stoplosses and/or small take-profits and larg stop-losses which means they will win most trades around 70-80% bring in 3-5 pips per/trade and the 20% of the time when they hit the stop loss its like 50-300pips and sometimes even more so when that happens people just hit the exits which in turn makes out for bad reviews and as you said people trolling on forums about there lost.

Perfectly said.