Do indicators work at all

Can anyone here point to some valid research done on indicators in the forex market. I mean does any indicator give you any edge at all? No intuition that the market is going down and then it fits with the cci indicator or somthing like that.
Here I am talking about real undisputed facts, is their any profe that they work at all ? Also worth checking combining indicators, example CCI and a moving average or something like that

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Indicators work well as gauges of market tendency or mood or phase or trending or momentum or whatever. They work very badly as entry/exit signal generators.

I think it’s hard to tell. There’s a book called “technical analysis is mostly bullsh*t”.
It’s a good read.

However, you’ll find the same info in Pipsology.

Basically, you can’t tell if TA is real or if people make it real.

It’s hard to tell the difference. But, I personally don’t use indicators much. Well, not yet, at least. Perhaps I’ll expand to them one day.

Right now, I prefer price activity, trend lines and MA. That’s it.

I used to try using the MACD. But I didn’t do well with it. But, maybe that’s just my fault.

It depends. There are lots of people who include them in their strategies.

The bottom line is: if it looks stupid but it works, it ain’t stupid. Meaning, if it yields you profits, keep using it.

Hi there, everyone has a different style of trading. I’ve met people who love them and do pretty well with just indicators others like yourself question them and use other methods.

Personally I do use EMAs and the RSI mainly but that is just what I’m used to and works for me.

If I be very honest, indicators will work only when the user has the correct idea about that particular indicator. Indicators on their own can never give correct signals however popular that indicator might be. One has to keep in consideration the general atmosphere around that particular stock or country. As I have used indicators primarily for stock analysis, I can tell you that blindly following the very popular indicators like RSI, Stochastic will not give you accurate signals. You have to understand why the indicator is giving that particular signal. For e.g., RSI may show a stock to be in the oversold range. This may happen if due to a certain news(which can very well be false news) the stock price rose up suddenly without any foundation. Thus when the stock price corrects itself to its correct position, RSI may show itself to be oversold which would be a false signal. Thus one has to understand the indicators properly before using them and taking decision on the basis of them.

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I think preference and use of indicators is very individual in nature. Many traders swear by it and others find it an absolute waste of time and space (on charts). The cleaner the better. I too honestly am divided as to its utility. Got false signals an equal number of times that I benefited out of it. For instance on Oanda when I tried using stochastic oscillators for trading gold it completely bombed. Looking at the overbought and oversold conditions didn’t really help my cause. On the other hand when I used the same indicator for trading USD/CAD on Fxview and I traded at the precise reading of 80, fetched a good $460 in an hour.
I’m not sure if it works for some securities and not others, I’m going to use them on smaller amounts and try exploiting it more. Maybe it’s about the right usage.