Do they even exist?

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I have looked everywhere and I just cant seem to find a consistent profitable EA.
Do these things even exist? Or is it just a myth?

What do you think?

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What do [U]you[/U] think?

If you had developed one, would you sell it?

If you did, and large numbers of copies of it were very widely used, would it still work?

EA’s are codified, automated “systems”, aren’t they? I think the reality is that it’s [I]traders[/I] who become steadily profitable, not “systems”. Just my opinion, of course.

I think that they exist however are either extremely expensive or the people who created them would not offer them for a common use which sounds pretty logic. Besides no EA can be profitable for a long time. It could be for maximum a year. After all we cannot just find an automated system which will bring us enough profit for the rest of our life. Maybe in the distant future could be an option. But for now the business does not work that way. It takes years to create such system and most traders prefer to use it and improve it for a personal use.

Because I utilise such “Play-School” strategies, I have coded a few simple cBots to automate some systems with varying results. They can generate huge drawdowns if left unchecked. They definitely take the stress and procrastination out of buying and selling.

Could a cBot make consistent profit?? Probably yes if the code was developed in the market and tweaked on a daily or weekly basis.

Especially with PSR type or trend following indicators… If I was setting up a trading desk I would definitely have a C# .NET API Programmer on staff. Bots don’t get sick, take holidays or bi#$% about the Boss… They don’t make coffee :frowning:

Would I sell it… hell no… the truly profitable Bots aren’t for sale.

The Funds and Banks are using algo’s and automation, so must be something in it.

Bear Vs Bull great EA, been running for 3 years on Auto pilot with only 14%DD

One thing I’m seeing every time I look into this sort of thing recently is that the software accepts every buy signal generated and every sell signal generated.

This is not trading. Nobody takes 12 consecutive buy signals on any market and opens 12 overlapping positions. Nor multiple simultaneous long and short positions on the same market. Nor do we generally add multiple new positions to a losing position.

Sure, the EA can end up with thousands of profitable trades, and a net overall gain, but that’s not a strategy.