Do we have a "Reviews" section of Babypips?

I read somewhere that the 3 Ducks trading system was “once a system of the month” on Babypips".
Is there a place on the site where systems are reviewed and rated?
I’m particularly interested in looking at all the different swing trading systems to see if one fits my style, however, I’m guessing there must be somewhere on the site that rates these systems?
Any help much appreciated!

I think this is the thread you mean? 301 Moved Permanently

The “systems of the month” haven’t been updated for a long time. I went all over them with a fine-toothed comb, years ago, and even backtested some with backtesting software, but I found nothing there with an edge - nor, to be candid, anything with any [I]reason[/I] to have a potential edge. Apologies indeed for the apparently negative tone, but I’m just suggesting that you shouldn’t [U]assume[/U] that anything “reviewed”/discussed there is actually profitable, or solidly based, just because there are some comments there to the effect that some people have briefly traded them profitably. Backtesting tells a different story. :8:

I can’t remember whether it was. But it’s undoubtedly one of the very best (and most soundly based) methods the forum has to offer. I wouldn’t call it a “swing trading system”, though.