Do you also check out trade ideas on Tradingview?

Hellooo! :blush: I just got curious cause I was looking through Tradingview this morning, trying to see what trades people are in. Do you also check out trade ideas on Tradingview? And have you ever tried trading an idea you saw there? :blush:


i keep meaning to have a look there, but never get round to it (i like TradingView, too)

do you find interesting stuff there, @ria_rose ?

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A lot of interesting stuff mixed in with some questionable ones, tbh. :sweat_smile: But, I feel like I get clearer ideas for my own trades when I look through there. :blush: I like how people there would have price movement predictions and after a few hours, you’d get to see if price actually went their way. :sweat_smile:

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Yeah kind of like this one:

Pretty cool to see! Just hit the play button. :))

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Yes, I utilise as a secondry to Heat maps on this site. Very useful.

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Super cool feature! You can see what all the so-called pros get right and what they get wrong.

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No, I don’t check tradingview. I’m not even 100% sure what it is. And I don’t even care. I visited the site a couple times, and that’s it. I’m staying focused on my strategy and implementing it better.

I have no interest in anyone’s trading ideas, or what anyone thinks any particular pair is gonna do. I want to follow my own ideas and work them out for myself.

I think just about any strategy that backtests well will perform well in forward applications. I think people will make mistakes, think their strategy is bad, then look for more ideas/strategies. Then the cycle repeats. No progress will happen until you learn the correct application of your strategy.

You don’t need a new strategy. You need a new you. There are layers of yourself that have to be peeled back in order to use a strategy successfully. But you only peel back those layers when you stick with the strategy long enough to see what you’re doing wrong and make changes in yourself. Constantly looking at other strategies will leave you at that shallow level of self-development. The new you lies in patience, study, and correct execution.

This is how I see it. I’m sure others will disagree, but this is my way.


Hi there, that section in tradingvew is actually my favorite part and I usually check that but this is not like that I blindly follow the idea, I check that based on my own trading system and if that seems logical based on my own trading system, i will follow that.


Charts or a different feature set?


Charts and buy/sell strength.

Right?! HAHAHA. it’s like a grand reveal as to whether the movement predictions have been right or wrong. :sweat_smile: I would love to have a feature like that here in babypips. :pray: Hahaha.

That’s nice! :blush: Have you ever tried following a trade idea you’ve seen there? :smiley:

I also find that part very interesting and I get super amazed when they do get it right! :smiley:

Definitely understand, dushimes! :smiley: And I respect it! :blush: Tradingview is not for everyone, and it’s actually great that you’re very focused on your trading ideas and willing to work them out for yourself. :blush:

This also makes sense. :blush: Sometimes, when I see trade ideas where price has gone the direction they predicted it, I kinda get disappointed at myself that I didn’t find the post earlier. :sweat_smile:

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Sounds like a plan! :blush: I also don’t just blindly follow the trade ideas there. But they do give me an idea of the currency pairs that have the most movement during that time. :thinking:

Why not be disappointed that you didn’t see that trade yourself?

Shouldn’t your own strategy do that? Do you know if you have a profitable strategy? If you’re following someone else’s trade ideas, are you sure you even have your own strategy? Is your strategy EXACTLY the same?

In my opinion, these are important questions. Do you have any answers?

I second everything that dushimes has said. But I also check in on others’ trading ideas just for the sake of learning. I don’t really scour the net for trading ideas just for the sake of following these ideas, but rather just learn what others are also doing that resonates with my own trading outlooks.

I also purposely avoid looking at any other trading ideas when I have open positions. My mind is muddied by my own internal trading psychology struggles; any external ideas/strategies might muddy them further resulting to more conflict and errors in my own trading.

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Exactly! I don’t want others’ ideas pulling me in different directions. I have to stick with my own ideas long enough to see what my error is. If I keep getting distracted, I’ll never reach a solution.

This isolation has been very helpful for me. I see traders running all over the place asking about trade ideas and who thinks what about some pair. At some point, I think one must silence the world and find the errors within. Once you can find the errors within, you can start to fix them.

Talking with others just for the sake of being social as an isolated human, I can understand that. But as a way of looking for the next trade, or validation of your open position, it’s a bad idea. Why would I ask someone with a different strategy what they think?

Asking another trader if they think XX pair is gonna go up or down is a waste of time. We should be asking our strategy what the next step should be.

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Analysis paralysis! I get caught sometimes having a trade idea going, I’m ready to pull the trigger, and then I come across some analysis or another trader with a trade idea completely against my trade idea. Gets me to doubt myself.

But then I think, me and this guy are two different traders, I don’t know anything about him or his account or risk management or any of that.

So what does it matter. We could both be right. We could both be wrong. I think failing is just as good a teacher as being right. Maybe better.

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