Do you approve of attemps to make G**gle etc legally accountable to those they victimise?

Apparently There are moves afoot to allow those with opinions to sue the Social Media giants - If they contend that they have been unfairy treated.

Do you agree ?

  • Yes people should be allowed to defend their rights
  • No those who are excluded or de-monetised are hateful people and should be siolenced
  • Yes Free speech is essential - Everyone must be allowed to speak
  • No only good people should be allowed to speak
  • Yes who the hell are they to decide who speaks the truth ?
  • I don’t care
  • No They own the platforms - They can decide what to publish

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PLease feel free to comment - so the poll stays current and doesn’t just disappear under all the “New stuff” - Thanks


I think we might need to consider what rights we’re talking about. I don’t hold that anyone has rights not to be offended, insulted or even hated.

I think he explains what Im talking about in the first minute or so of the vid Tom - if you still aren’t sure - get back to me mate