Do you ever dream about Forex?

Last night I dreamed that a giant spike took me out of my position. When I woke up I thought it had really happened and I was berating myself for taking such a stupid trade. A couple hours later I look at the charts and was like Oh yeah, it went my way! It was all a dream! LOL that was so funny. :slight_smile:

No, I ever seen it in my dreams. However, you can make your other dreams become reality is trade FX, make million dollars!

LOL Yeah so many times!!! The exact reason I stopped holding trades over night!!!

I dream of all markets everyday. It’s living a dream for me mate!

I used to when I was trading in London, my wife use to tell me I would be waving my hands about and look like i was hitting the broker screen, very strange

Lol you guys make me laugh and now im wondering if i have done the same !! I do think forex alot when im not in my day job lol, i probably am as bad you lot hihihihi :8:

I have dreamed about trading in general. From charts to making trading decisions to even being confused as to what to do. Even fighting guys where i was yelling buy em. trust me its gotten really weird. oh well i guess since i sit in front of these things for hours a day its no wonder.

I feel asleep last week during a trade, didn’t set a TP, woke up three hours later to find me at three times my desired profit level! So always fall asleep when trading…

lol, that happened to me, too, once … as long as S/L is in place, all is good. :smiley:
You might call it the [I]Snooze System[/I] … very effective. :smiley:


I was going to post a pic of Ms Horner or Ms Drury as a good compromise dream but they are both married. :frowning:

Yup — “married” is a problem. I don’t mess around with married women, either.

Now that Megan Fox is married too, I guess I should find a new dream.

Are there any sultry, Irish-French-Native American brunettes who would like to audition?

last night i dreamed i ate a whopping great marshmallow, when i woke up the pillow had gone

I dream about FX charts all the time!

I see Chart Patterns. Walking around like regular Chart patterns. They don’t see each other. They only see what they want to see. They don’t know they’re Chart Patterns.
All the time. They’re everywhere. :slight_smile:

yes, i see bouncing charts, and at times i could’ve swore that I was awake watching my trade but it was dream :slight_smile: life of a trader :smiley:

It feels really good to not be the only one having these messed up dreams. You would think my dreams would be well fun and have lots of sexy women or super powers or something cool like that. Nope turns out i am just staring at a dang chart.

This stuff is funny. I never had any dreams like that but there’s been plenty of times that I lost sleep altogether.