Do you ever dream about your trades?

I’ve been stressing over my losing streak and it’s now seeping into my subconscious. 🥲

I had a dream I was halfway into losing my account which sounds impossible since I only usually open just one trade with about 2-3% risk (USUALLY HEH).

Anyway, I checked my 2 open trades and one just hit its SL and the other is well into its way to TP. My account is all good.

This is the first time I’ve ever had a trading dream! So weird.

Have you ever had trading-related dreams? What happened in them I’m curious :joy:


I dream about getting lots of money (bed of money extent) and I can only assume that a portion of that money was from my successful trading journey in my dreams. :sweat_smile:

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Lol this sounds like a rapper’s dream or something :joy:


No, not yet. At least, I don’t think so… But if I do, I’ll report it to this thread!

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Sometimes! like making a lot of money through trading, but wakes up eventually.

I wish I’d get dreams like those instead!

Do you ever dream about your trades?

If day dreams count then the answer is a resounding yes!!!

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Ha. Curious to know what these daydreams are! Is it like USD/JPY making huge huge moves in your favor?

I actually had a dream one night that a trade I was in netted me over 40k. When I woke up I checked and was sorely disappointed :grin:

Better that than waking up to a loss of 40k lol. I’ve never had a dream about trading before until I had that losing streak! It’s fascinating what your brain does.

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I read this thread yesterday, and today around 2AM I saw a trading dream. :grinning:, May be that could be a direct result of reading this post :rofl:

I did have many times before, the dream about my trading. When I have an opening trade and I seem worry too much about it then I will have a dream, like what you think too much on day time then you will have a dream about it on night time.

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Not now as I’ve learnt to detach my mindset from what the market is throwing at me. Read the ZEN TRADER by Peter Castle. It’s excellent, one of the best trading books around from a pro trader.

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Peter Castle - The Zen Trader: How Ancient Wisdom Can Help You Master Your Mind and the Markets

An Aussie :grin:

That’s amazing lol. That happens to me too, I get dreams about stuff I see on social media lol which is one of the many reasons why I’ve stopped using Facebook. :joy:

Yup this is exactly what happened to me!

Congrats!!! Love the thought of being a zen trader! In general though would you consider yourself a calm person? :slight_smile:

Definitely not. That’s why I focused on Zen trading. Otherwise, I’d be a nervous wreck screaming at my desktop charts.

Haha! I too never had dreams about trades.

I have both- dreams and nightmares, For example

A trade is taken, I dream about it, and when I wake up the trade was a loss. When I go back to sleep, I have a nightmare about it.


I bet this has helped you in other aspects of your life!

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This sounds stressful. What happens if you wake up and it’s a winning trade?

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