Do you have any new found hobbies during this pandemic?

Helloooo. :blush: Since most of us are still trying to avoid interacting with so many people outside our houses, have you guys found any new hobbies? :thinking: Haha. I ask cause I found myself playing computer games with kids who are like 9 years younger than me. :frowning: :frowning: I never knew it would be so much fun. How about you guys? Haha. :smiley:

Hi, ria_rose,
Here is an earlier post.

I’ll post a picture of the dinner rolls I’ve learned to make - in about an hour. Next will be real loaves of bread. Got to read up some more on that, though.
As far as younger folks, I’ve seen some really creative and upbeat videos by some 20 somethings. Very encouraging to think there is yet another great generation coming.


Here they are. 100% whole wheat yeast rolls. Just larger than a tea cup.

Buttered one and had it with some yogurt. . . :smiley:


BTW I meant that the rolls will be ready and a picture had, in an hour. The rolls had to rise twice and took about 3 hours altogether. :clock830: :no_mouth:

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Oh! :open_mouth: So sorry I missed this bobart! :open_mouth: Omg. :frowning: I guess it got buried under all the other posts and I forgot to search for it. :frowning:

These look gooood. :smiley: Haha. I have lots of friends who also started baking during the pandemic! :stuck_out_tongue: They say it’s very therapeutic. They even call their starters as their babies. Hahaha.

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Hi Bobart! They pretty good if this is your first time.

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That looks delish! To that I raise you my white loaf!

What else have you baked since? :slight_smile:

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Oh yes! I recently got interested in forex trading and was able to make some decent returns also.

I have always liked reading, watching movies and playing video games, so that did not change one bit. I miss going out with friends though.

Wow! Beautiful!
If I could make bread that looked like those two loaves . . . I would have to go professional! :smile: :smiley:

Actually, I haven’t baked anything since. Been busy “winterizing”. My wife has gone back to cooking. We make breakfast together and I lift anything that is too heavy for her (like an iron skillet). I was mostly just cooking because she was recovering from an accident, but she is gradually getting better now.
I am glad she is cooking again, as it makes her happy and she is a better cook than I.

Those loaves do look great and I bet they taste great too.
I don’t really do much bread making myself - we have a bread machine, so we just put in the ingredients and the machine does the rest.

I used to love baking, too. I liked it very much, and I was even told that I’m pretty good at it :wink:
My specialty was muffins with cherries. I stopped doing it a long time ago and didn’t even think about it. But I read these posts and I really wanted to bake something. The guy with rolls, you are actually very good at it!