Do you have other sources of income outside of trading and your day job?

@DownTheRabbitHole thanks for the insight into your trading.

I think the problem most people find is getting enough capital to make a living to trade full time. A lot will start with tiny balances and then take unnecessary risks to try and grow it fast and blow the account quick.


Of course you’re welcome. This is true, and this is how I traded my first year actually. But, taking a $1,000.00 account and turning it into $5,000.00 is possible with quick turn around. The issue isn’t building once you’ve “got it,” the issue is trading with the $5,000.00 and not losing it. By this I mean It’s harder psychologically to see yourself losing 80 pips on a 10 lot order then it is on a 1 lot order. Seeing in real time each tick losing $100 is frightening for many people, which is how many lose. Hope I made sense haha.

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Let me add to clarify, if you go short GBP/USD today, you shouldn’t look at how you can gain $6500 Profit because it’s broken support, you should say okay R:R looks good here, I can risk losing 3 grand today with my stop 30 pips above resistance if this thing reverses on me.

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We have a booth at a local antique mall and I write short stories under a pen name. Neither of them can really be called an “income stream”, more like an “income trickle”.

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I have a small shop.

Hello @Pauley1 i maintain an online trading journal on babypips, where i share all my numbers. All your questions are answered there.

As a student, I am unable to dedicate myself to full-time trading. However, I do invest a significant amount of time into learning and experimenting with various strategies. Whether or not I will pursue Forex trading as a full-time profession remains uncertain and is largely dependent on the time I am able to devote to it. Therefore, I am unable to provide a definitive answer to your question at this time.

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Indeed, trading may not be a reliable source of income and carries inherent risks. It is important to approach trading with a realistic understanding of the potential risks and rewards involved.

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wow, that must keep you busy? :slight_smile:

do you trade while it’s open, or at other times of day?

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I am currently a full-time trader, but I am considering exploring other opportunities. I believe that investing in my education and personal development could help me make even more money in the long run. Therefore, I am open to making changes and exploring new possibilities.

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Well I have another source of income; an office job. and it’s not just about economy. having an stable job with stable payments is not a bad idea nor something that can be suggested to everyone. it’s all about personal preferences and goals. If you want to be a full time trader, I think it’s better to stay focused on one thing and manage both mental and physical energy and dedicate it to your goal.

i wish i had a job but since i can’t find one; i see trading as a bridge between this gap. Trading is my job and if i will ever find a second stream of income, it’ll be either going into dividend portfolios and real estate or both.

Ooh what kind of shop is it? :slight_smile:

How’s your trading account doing? Have you been profitable so far?

What kind of job were you looking for? :slight_smile:

I can’t even consider my trading career as a job (it is really making me lose more moneey)

Honestly, I’m still learning and trading on a demo account.

Oh, that’s nice too! How long have you been demo trading? :slight_smile:

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Not much, Around a month. I can’t spend a lot of time on it, so I just do it in my free times.

Yeah that’s not bad at all! That’s how I’m doing it right now too!

I’m open to any job inasmuch it’s not dirty.

This must be a common answer but Upwork and Fiverr are really good options! You can get a friend as a client initially so you have reviews going on. But if you can use GPT 4 with jobs available on these platform, these jobs should be (in theory) way easier to do!