Do you have other sources of income outside of trading and your day job?

Oh, that’s nice too! How long have you been demo trading? :slight_smile:

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Not much, Around a month. I can’t spend a lot of time on it, so I just do it in my free times.

Yeah that’s not bad at all! That’s how I’m doing it right now too!

I’m open to any job inasmuch it’s not dirty.

This must be a common answer but Upwork and Fiverr are really good options! You can get a friend as a client initially so you have reviews going on. But if you can use GPT 4 with jobs available on these platform, these jobs should be (in theory) way easier to do!

Yes, it keeps me very busy. I’m thinking about forex or my small shop.
Strangely enough, I sew gowns. I love my job.
I do not trade while it’s open. I search in forums when I’m free, and there are few customers.

A gown shop.

Oh that sounds lovely! Like for wedding dresses or like special occasions? :slight_smile:

Hi Ponponwei,

I missed you guys. I have not been too well for the last year, but slowly gettting back to feeling great.

Some years ago I described our approach to life as being fortunate enough to realise the benefits of a well designed four cylinder engine. In my young days, I once bought a Daimler with a 12 cylinder engine, and wrote it off after 10 days. Lesson learned - don’t be flippant with too many moving parts that you can’t handle.

So in the last 30 years we spent our time dreaming of having four independent sources of income. At best we were firing on all four for over a decade. At worst we were down to one but never none.

In order of chronology, our sources of income were / are:

1 A high income from a professional job, and once source 2 became significant enough, moved from employed to self-employed as a consultant
2 Gold and bank deposits (savings) until we had enough continuous savings to:
3 Develop a property portfolio, and when that net income became high enough
4 Trading - only for the past 15 years, and most recently rarely leveraged and thoroughly enjoyable like the other 3 cylinders of our modest car of four cylinders

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For all occasions. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Shoot I’ll be happy with just two but this is definitely something to strive for. How many years did it take you to have all four?

Aside from stock trading, my other source of income is working as a private investigator since it complements my skills in doing some in-depth research and analysis.

As a private investigator, I often work on cases that involve gathering and analyzing information about individuals, businesses, or events. This could include any number of activities, including conducting surveillance, compiling background reports, and investigating fraudulent activities, among others. Essentially, my role is to provide clients with relevant and accurate information that can help them make informed decisions or take appropriate action. Through my work as a private investigator, it helped me develop a strong skillset in research, including the use of online databases, social media, and other resources to gather information. While different than analyzing stocks, the due diligence and attention to detail has carried over into my PI career…and vice versa.

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Why was the word databases linked? :open_mouth:

About 25 years with quite a few annoying negative interruptions along the way. The older you become, the more patient you become. It goes with the territory. But not everyone learns to be patient. I also believe it is never too late to change your ways, and the more decisions you make, the luckier you get. :pray:

This is actually a promising answer. It’s good to know I still have time.

This is so true. But also more mistakes get made which only means more lessons learned. :slight_smile:

Hi Ponponwei,
You know when traders say the more trades they enter, the more they learn? Life is the same as trading. And so is consulting, buying commodities, investing in stocks, choosing whether or not to buy an antique or a painting.

There are those who umm and errr and never actually make a decision, and there are those who make a decision on the spot without weighing up the pros and cons. What is difficult about being self employed is that the only one driving your speed of decision is you. And that can act against you hugely. One of the reasons I love consulting is that it is the glue that holds my life together. This week I needed to arise before 6am from Tuesday to Friday. I had deadlines imposed on me by my leadership team, and I needed quite a few periods of two hours plus, alone, without interruption, to put together a series of costed options where the inputs were changing by the day. By 08:00 on Friday I had finally finished the presentation to my standards, and confidently presented at 11:30am and got approval.

Consulting often forces me to time-box my activities, and to take decisions sometimes without perfect input information. And that is the same whether I decide to buy crypto, gold, or trade foreign currencies. It may be a great idea to keep a log of the number of decisions you have made in a day. In a really productive day. I take up to 50 decisions. At my natural pace, I prefer not to take more than ten, and not more than 3 that may have big financial consequences on a weekly basis ,and not more than one that would have an annual financial impact.

Try it for fun. Just talk to the voice recorder on your mobile, and record a decision, no matter how trivial. And compare 7 days on a row. Any changes to the pace of life? Feel better or worse? Good luck with it. I have been practicing and resetting this since I left university. there is always room for improvement.

Parkinson’s Law is the concept that work expands to fill the time given to complete it.

Working alone and without a boss is a true challenge in self-discipline and motivation. Some people always need external forces in order to start doing anything. It definitely takes a different sort of person to achieve success without structure!

Could you elaborate on how you’d do something like this? Some examples might help! Is it as trivial as “should i drink coffee today?”

Hi Ponponwei,

This is going to be a very boring post to read. The last four voice recordings I made that I have not yet acted upon and deleted - oldest to newest.

13Apr23. Look for in the UK. A new startup to find sites of low cost natural energy for bitcoin mining to be a customer of.

21May23 Neuroplasticity

3Jun23 Prebiotics and probiotics - Biocomplete 3. MD talking about gut microbiome and lectin damage to intestinal wall

5Jun23 Steps around the dry lake. 300 steps per round.

The last one is so that I can estimate my walking distance. Some days I do not want to do a long walk. I just want to walk the same track again and again. So I count the laps of the dry lake in steps then decide if I want to walk 1.5km, 3km, etc.

I told you - reeeallllyyyyy boooooorrrrrrriiiinggggggg LOL

But where’s the decision part? I was thinking there’s like some decisions made oops I think I misunderstood it!


Just deleted the13Apr23 oldest voice message. Waste of space startup trying to get donation commitments with no useful information. Avoid.