Do you know anyone who's still mining?

Thesre are really tough times. :confused: I have a few friends who used to mine ETH but have not halted their operations. It looks like it’s a common theme among miners though. :confused:

Not currently with the price of electricity and services. Surely too expensive in places like the UK or America

Same here. :confused: Crypto prices are going down, while prices for almost everything are going up. :sweat:

Can’t imagine many in the UK are mining right now. Electricity prices have doubled and BTC dropping 75% can’t be profitable at this moment in time.

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Makes sense. :confused: I wonder if there’s any country in the world that hasn’t been increasing prices recently. :thinking:

Yeah, there doesn’t seem to be many people still mining cryptos. Inflation is on the rise and so are the prices for anything and everything.

I wonder if people will regret selling their mining equipment once crypto prices also pick up. :sweat_smile:

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Yeah still a lot of people mine Bitcoins but it is costly. Mining isn’t generally profitable, except in some situations.

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It is hard for a miner to continue due to the rising electricity costs. I also had a friend who was in a mining pool but now he is just focusing on trading more.

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That’s interesting! :open_mouth: I actually used to think that mining would be more profitable than just buying. :sweat_smile: Obviously, I was wrong.

Ohh. :open_mouth: Did they also sell their mining equipment or are they waiting out the crypto winter before getting into mining again? :thinking:

Well, I can’t disagree with the fact that mining used to be a great way to gain crypto. It was especially popular among bitcoin lovers. But as bitcoin becomes scarce, the power needed to mine has increased tremendously. I guess now, only the big whales of the crypto market and energy firms have the capacity and ability to mine bitcoin.


I’m not even sure they think it’s worth it at this point. :sweat_smile:

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