Do you know how US Traders could use European Brokers

After using many offshore brokers as a US citizen I am convinced there servers on not connected to the best liquidity pools and there servers are not nearly as accurate. I was looking for an offshore broker that is connected to the correct liquidity pool with direct ECN servers similar to FX pro in Europe. Would you know of any that US traders can use?

Also I was wondering if anybody would know how to use VPN servers and would this allow you to open an account with European broker? Is there a way to use a European broker as a US Trader (say housing a computer in Europe and logging on from the U.S) ? These brokers are so much better than any of the unregulated offshore brokers. I heard there is a way but have no idea how, any knowledge of this would be appreciated. Thank you

US traders can’t use European brokers - it’s simply down to location. When you sign up to a broker, you need to give them a proof of address and ID usually. Using a VPN won’t solve your issue.

VPN servers allow you to access brokers from different countries. It is quite an easy way to get around geo- restrictions. And you can bend the pdt rule to your advantage.

There are tons of good brokers out there, you should better consider them rather than using the services of a broker whose services are not actually extented to you directly. I hope you might have heard that if a company doesn’t offer you any product, you are most likely the product.