Do you let your trades hit your TP/SL or do you exit early?

If you’re watching your trades, do you normally let it hit your TP/SL or do you manually exit?

Sometimes, I close my trade manually if the trade is taking too long to hit my target. :grimacing:

Same lol. I usually have a target time frame also, that helps in dealing with the impatience. That being said, I don’t typically have many trades open all at once. :slight_smile:

I let them hit. Use to be a struggle to not close early on winning trades but have gotten better.

My SL is always set at an amount that I think works for the market and I’m ok with losing if trade did.

I set two TP along the way. One at the halfway mark. Once there I close out on some profit move my SL up to BE and let the rest ride.

I have just started using another TP strategy using thirds.
If my full TP is 90 pips, I close some of my position in profit at 30pips and move SL to BE. Once I hit 60 pips I move my SL up to my first TP. And then let it ride from there.