Do you prefer reading physical books or e-books, and why?

It got me wondering because I heard my niece in college asking her parents to buy her a particular e-book. Personally, I prefer physical books myself, or perhaps it’s just that the younger generation nowadays tends to prefer e-books?

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I agree with you, but where the option exists, I also buy the e-book. I tend to read books that I buy within a couple of months of buying them, but often make summary notes for future. In the case of e-books, it is handy to be able to text-search words to find a reference quickly.

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Some people refuse to read, which is beyond me.

I prefer physical books. I like holding the book, touching the paper, and turning the pages.

I only sometimes get books from the library. Lately, I’ve been buying books so that I can hi-lite them for future reference.

Even if I could hi-lite on an e-reader, looking through the pages would be a pain to me. Books are easier for me.

I feel like there’s just something special with reading a physical book. :blush: Like Mondeo and dushimes, I enjoy the smell of it, the feeling of touching and turning the pages. And even just looking at the books lined up on my shelf makes me happy. :sweat_smile:

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This is also me! So yeah, I prefer physical books.

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totally get you! I prefer physical books myself. There’s just something about holding a book and turning the pages that e-books can’t match. I love the feel and smell of a real book.

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Absolutely! Physical books are the best.

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That is a really good point. Often I am confronted with a problem that I haven’t got a clue how to solve. I look at two rows of books in my office cabinet, sometimes take one or two of them out, look at the contents and scan-read a few pages looking for an approach to solve the problem. More recently, I seem to have stopped doing that. My first port of call is now Copilot in Windows - because it is the most speedy thing I can do to get some first line ideas. Especially since you can ask it the questions through a microphone and it will speak the answers back to you besides providing the text you can copy and paste.
The accuracy of speech recognition is unbelievable. 90% of the time, a simple sentence is understood without a single error.

I guess this one makes it easier for students. It saves time and makes studying more efficient.

Ah yes, I remember back in college I had a lot of highlighters in different colors. Sometimes I ended up highlighting most of the text. :sweat_smile:

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I completely agree!

Right, sometimes it brings back a lot of memories just with the smell of it.

I only read e-books. It is easy to highlight important sections and with Kindle reader it is really easy to make notes - and to find them again when you want them! And you can copy/paste from them. They are usually cheaper than the real thing and you get them immediately. I don’t remember the last time I read a paper book! :blush:

That’s usually when I say ¨Huh? I think something’s wrong here…¨

But it’s a sign that it’s a good book, also.