Do you prefre FOREX contest?

In recent past. I have seen this new feature became popular to the traders.

For me i prefer free contest without any investment or with a small investment

Wish to get your valuable review / comments about it.

I think Forex contests are only for those who aim for a maximum profit within a fixed amount of time.
This would contradict with professional traders who are interested in consistent long term profits over a short term peak in their accounts.

To me Forex contests distract you from good trading, as it puts pressure on the time aspect of trading (patients is a virtue in trading)

Hey Forex Contest sounds interesting!
According to me, it would be good for the experienced traders who know how the market behaves during different scenarios. But for the New bies, this would be risky! Yes we have these contests on demo accounts as well, but new traders shall practice and learn first before entering into such distractions.


Forex contests are created to profit the broker from the spread or commissions.

I only like free demo competitions. I don’t want to lose my money if a contest is on real account trading. Because trading in limited time will only cause loss to my account.

Contests sounds fun to me. But I do not participate.

I suprise myself about the results that some people are getting, what ofcourse makes me wonder how the helll they did it. I wouldn’t advise to participate, especiially not for real money, but I can understand that it appeals to traders.

most are just extremely lucky.

sometimes on FF when you look in the list of most profitable traders that month you will see people getting 500% or more that month. when you click their profile and examine their trade graph you see they are routinetly going into negative equity over that trading month, in other words … the guy might be 200% up at one point …then on the next trade at one point his equity is - 100% …but he doesn’t close the trade and ends up eventually closing it for profit …and now he is like +400% up as a result.

anybody who trades like this over a substaintial period of time is going to blow the account for sure. It is just by pure luck that month that everything worked out ok

Need more huge prize, free join??
let’s check this site, more challenging guys.

Yes I do prefer forex trading contests. But only the free ones, and also demo contests. Not the ones that have a fee or such that requires trading in your real account.

offcourse contest, especially demo trading contests are great ways to earn money without investment and to train our accuracy . however i prefer weekly demo contest and contest with many winners . some of demo contest like that is Tickmill demo trading contest

Yes I like contest a lot, I’d also won a few times. Although its winning is mostly based on luck but prize money is something worth trying for.

For me, contest is good for newbies, so if ever they win money prize, they can us it as their capital to do trading. they just have to make sure they have winning plans and not losing.