Do you see what i see in my chart setup?

Hi to all,

I have set up my trading systems and it helps me a lots earning from forex.

Check it out!

Victor Lew

P/S: Drop me a line if you wanna find out more.

Too much goinh on, too busy!

What are we supposed to see?


The future… :slight_smile: Below?

This is a chart i recorded on july 20 for Usd Jpy. I projected it will reach 102.12 and now it actually surpass it.

There are actually more than this i see in my chart… :slight_smile:

Victor Lew

I’m with PipMeHappy, you are going to have a lot of price action guys and girls laughing at you with all that clutter. Can’t see the Forest through all them trees. Predicting the market is a dangerous game. I’m happy taking 5 pips out as the price moves from a to b. No need to predict just go with the flow.

But with that said if it works for your (which I presume it does) then that’s all that matters.

Thanks for your advice, bobbillbrown… :slight_smile:

Happy and Successful Trading.

Victor Lew

p/s: btw, my risk:rewards is usually 1:3-5, sometimes more…

eg: If u throw a coin ten times, you can likely get 8 tails to 2 heads, or more…but if you throw a coin more enough 10,000 times, the chances of getting tails to heads is probably 48% to 52%

Even if my success rates is 48%, with risk of rewards of 1:3, i am still in the profitable side…btw my projected target is actually around 90% :slight_smile:

Yes, bobbillbrowne says it right… too much ‘clutter’…

But, if it works for you, go for it…

Posting chart images on here is tricky because screenshots can be too compressed… Sometimes

it is better to show a detail rather than a large-scale image, as it gives a clearer indication of

what we tried to express… In other words, your image here looks a little bit like those PowerPoint

slides where there is so much information that, from the back of the lecture/meeting room, the

audience can make no sense of, or even see, what you were trying to communicate…