Do you think cryptocurrencies are a better option for cross-national payments?

We all know about the added fees which come with cross-national payments. I was thinking of adding crypto as a mode of payment on my website to get rid of the fees. Please guide me in the right direction.

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Hmm. :thinking: What’s the demographic of your customers? :open_mouth: I think if you have a tech-savvy bunch, that might work just fine. :open_mouth: But if your consumers are more traditional or non-techy, they might noe use it a lot but having it just as an option would be fine too. :blush:

Oh, I forgot to add! :smiley: What type of business is this? :smiley: That might also be something to consider.

Direct payments to your wallet or your wallet held by a 3rd party?

It could work, but buyers will want to know they can get a refund if necessary. That might keep crypto payers away. If it’s for say donations, then it isn’t that big of a deal.

I’ve seen payment processing fees as low as 1% when using a payment processing service.

@BillyBobPimpton Even lower, I’m paying 0.5% to the Capital Wallet. This is why I love receiving payments in crypto- low fees and quick processing.

That’s a great rate. wallet? Or something else?