Do you think it's worth signing up for this FTMO challenge?

I’ve been looking at this FTMO challenge that if you can prove your trading within 10 days you move onto this verification stage and if you pass that they take you on as a trader with 100K USD account with a split of 30,70 percent of any profits, it does sound good especially as I don’t have large enough capital to start with, anyone had any experience with this company and this challenge?

Not a lover of these as there are loads of companies do this , pay a fee to trade. Better to build your own pot because if you can trade you can increase your sizes

you better off continuing to save what you can ,practice on demo then open a minimum amount account and continue your progression .

It’s not as easy as it seems. There are loads of videos of people passing but not many of people withdrawing or trading as a funded trader. Only 8% pass. Of that we dont know how many fail later on. So many people focus on the challenge and verification like it’s a game that when you realise you have to trade your funded account they blow up. The challenge is actually 30 days but you need to earn 10% in that time. Like I said, it’s actually difficult. I’ve had people contact me who have failed the 100k challenge more than 5 times!

Have a look at this thread I started. The difference is I can afford to attempt this and lose and not worry because i trade fulltime and my own money. I did it as research to show what it’s really like. Dont believe what you see online. Some of these people take high risk to pass and are then trying to sell courses to people.

I would recommend you to start small and trade your own capital. And keep adding to it. At the end of the day the FTMO funded account is just 10k as if you lose that you lose the account. Also you get to keep all your profits with your own capital.