Do you think that money CAN buy happiness?

Well said! :clap:

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Just a quick post script…
The wife’s friend also had multiple sclerosis. But the friend’s husband DIDN’T have that kind of money.

The wife got better and works part-time for her husband. The wife’s friend ended up in a wheelchair.

I’m financially comfortable without trading income, however success in trading would allow me to take “political” risks in my community without fear of someone trying to cancel me by getting me fired or driving customers away, I would have neither a boss nor clients.

This subject reminds me of the movie Brewster’s Millions

Money is def important and it is a means to buy happiness.

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Money can buy temporary happiness. But true happiness or long-lasting peace and contentment is something money can’t buy.

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like many subjects that can lead to interesting discussions, it always depends on exactly what you mean by the terms used (in this case “happiness”)

my take is that money doesn’t in itself lead to real happiness but it can lead to freedom from a lot of practical problems, irritations and stresses, and doing that can certainly make people happier than they were before

if you think happiness involves freedom from practical problems, irritations and stresses to any great degree, you’ll probably agree; if not, you probably won’t



It can’t buy you happiness but sure can pay for the things that make us happy in the world as we know money is the primary source of trade.

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Is this a real question?
So really you think money can’t buy happiness? MA’AM???

I would have to disagree with that statement.

If someone has little to no money and they become addicted to crack cocaine or crystal methamphetamine or heroin, the one side effect that the poor feel more than the rich is that they hit bottom financially and end up sleeping in a back alley or behind a dumpster… But the rich no I don’t really know the exact story of Mick Jagger but I understand that he did his share of drugs… when Mick Jagger does drugs he doesn’t ever hit bottom financially… and when he hits bottom it’s no problem at all he just goes to whatever treatment center he wants to go to and he is giving things that will detox him off of those drugs comfortably and then when he gets out of treatment he goes back to his house to his mansion.

So yes, I would definitely disagree with your statement that money will not fix a drug addiction…

By the way, I studied drug and alcohol counseling drug and alcohol addiction issues pretty much to the Masters level.



Being rich and on drugs has the disadvantage of causing you to OD several times before you die

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Really? How did your recovery go? Do you still struggle with the urges? Perhaps it’s not constructive bragging about your addiction and repeated counseling bouts being at the Masters level.

Here’s a video about a man like you who went to rehab and failed rehab 17 times. I’m not sure how many times is the Masters level, though. But he ended up leaving the addiction behind after converting to Islam in prison.

So, rehab only works when someone is ready to quit. And I’m sure there are people out there who have quit without going to a rehab center.

Your argument about rich vs poor is valid.

Money is not the thing that ultimately overcomes addiction–it’s your will. Money cannot buy will power. It only buys help. For some people, that money helps get them over the edge.

That’s a good point. Money also gives you access to stronger and more expensive drugs. Probably, speeding up the process of addiction. Hence the idea that money doesn’t change you, it just exposes who you were the whole time.

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