Do you trade meme coins?

Looking at how the meme coins move just by little news or hype, would you trade it?

yes, but the trading of these memes coins can be dangerous if you have no research and knowledge about forex,

Yes, and I did. Last year I made about +50% on a small stake in Doge traded 3 times between Apr21 and Jun21. Early this year I bought Doge at $0.177 and got the timing wrong. Losses to date are well within my risk tolerance, and the plan is to sell half of them above $0.35 and keep the rest long term. Doge represents about 1% of our crypto portfolio, and is part of an allocation whose intent is to do a potential 10X over a period of up to five years. That also means it belongs to that part of our portfolio where total loss is an acceptable risk

thanks for your nice reply , got some fine lines. happy trading

No. I steer clear from meme coins more or less. More often than not they turn out to be a scam hyped up by a corrupt influencer. There has been so many examples already, starting with Kim Kardashian and ending with the people who were behind the Squid Coin scam.

I remember this coin. Oh my oh my. There will be more sadly.

i almost forgot, the new kid on the block

Apecoin, but the creators of the Bored Ape Yacht Club.

They just sold several $100 million in virtual land sales and basically crashing the Ethereum network, making it unusable.