Do you trade on Sunday

How many of you east coasters (GMT-5) trade Sunday evenings?

I have read it’s not the best time to trade and should typically be avoided…

I generally avoid trading on Monday to begin with, what’s left for Sunday night.

I like to trade in only trendy market. So, usually I avoid 1st session of Monday as well as last session of Friday. Even, I am not interested on 1st day of any month and last day as well. My long time trading experience is the main pillar of my patience’s. In addition, I have narrowest trading spread facility from TradingBanks broker. So, I don’t need to use risky sessions of market.

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When the market opens on Sunday I am usually in front of the computer to see how it opens, but I rarely actually open any new positions at that time.


Same here. No point in opening trades at this time unless you’re a gap trader and there is a gap on the charts. :slight_smile:

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Good point. I very rarely do that, although it does happen sometimes, when there’s a clear signal. For the most part I just watch the market for a while and go to sleep.

Depends of the style of your trade, short term trading have to think about many things including sessions. I trade position, i trade at the same time everyday only once a day. Monday or Tuesday make no different for me.

On sunday, broker usually will closed and no operation on holiday, might rarely broker will open on sunday market, and because my all broker closed on sunday hence I am never trade on sunday and only trade on normal day from monday till friday

I always perform my trading with proper planning and strategy, I don’t trade on Sunday evening or late night as I prefer to complete my sleeping and take full rest, I start my trading on Monday when London session started.

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It’s better this way, I think. There’s no point in starting the new week all bleary from a lack of sleep.

I am hear some trader avoided on monday, they have reason if trend not yet figured clearly, but I see if on monday occur gap, usually price will move back to cover the gap, might some trader using gap on monday

I am a east coaster and generally I will avoid doing anything on Sunday, now there are some exceptions, If I happen to be holding something that had a big move on Friday, often the market will open with a big gap in the direction of Friday’s move, that would be a signal to take profits as price often will reverse an opening gap, This also applies if the Sunday open gaps against your position, you may get stopped out or get scared into closing your position, only to wake up Monday morning to see price moving in your favor without you

How can one trade in closed market . On weekends forex market is not open . I do plan in these days for next week trading . I see my last week trading and its mistakes to do good for next . How ever in gap trading you can wait what happened on Monday with your open positions .You may be in good profit if market opens in your favor.

if its market open, i try to avoid trading it, i mean on mondays i just watch and observe if unsure untill proven other wise.

The problem with Mondays for me is that usually there’s very little volatility on the market, especially Monday morning. And there are very few reliable signals. Of course, I’ve seen some major exceptions to that rule.

Yeah…! I like to trade on Sunday and also on the public holidays. I love trading every time.

I start trading the start of the London open Monday until London close Friday. Sunday is just a dud of a trading day. All of the market orders are entered during the London open and this may stop you out from your Sunday position.

What you’ve read is correct. Just because the market will open that doesn’t mean that you should trade. Try to not even think about trading on weekends, instead do something you enjoy to.

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That’s a good point. Thinking about Forex all the time only leads to a burnout. That is why it’s good to have a hobby or something else to occupy your mind with when you are not trading.

Forex is an exhausted business and it make the trader tired during Monday to Friday, I don’t think that there is need to do forex on Sunday. I don’t trade on Sunday as market is to be closed and wait the Monday until market open.