Do you use blind entries?

I mean putting an order at some place without waiting price to get there and form a pinbar or engulfing pattern or whatever…

I see a zone and I put my entry as you see (blue line = entry poing, red line = stop loss). This is the H4 chart. If you waited for the pinbar or pattern, you would have none. But a blind entry would be filled and give you profit.

What do you think of these kind of entries? the difficult part is finding good zones, it is easy to see them after the trade occurs. But… is there any good technique for applying this idea?

I almost always use blind entries but I trade off the dailies (via spreadbetting). They are really valuable when they trigger while I’m asleep / away from screen.

@tommor Do blind entries really work? I always trade from D1, use pin bar and inside bar strategies but have been noticing that sometimes those signals never come. Price just reach key levels and sky rockets without a signal.

If price doesn’t reach your entry level, surely that’s a good thing?

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AKA Stop/Entry Orders. Yes, indeed this can be a good way to confirm short-term direction, that’s how I enter most of my positions, except I use the 4H candles for entry but in the direction of the Daily/Weekly trends.

Of course, nothing is guaranteed, but it can save you some money from time to time.